Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Welcome to the New Site!

Let this be my official welcome to the beginning of this subsection of my main website dedicated to gaming content I make for the web! It's still a bit a work in progress so you may see some changes now and then to improve it. I know I should have been posting this stuff earlier, I've just been busy with things. I've also been slow on videos lately partly due to the same reason, but also because videos that I've already had planned are on hold because of an issue I'm having with YouTube which I'm not going to into much detail into this post.

Let's start off with some positive news. My YouTube channel for my game commentary has reached over 2,000 views! And while that may seem small, I still consider this channel to be fairly new and still growing so to me this is sort of an achievement. In case you missed it last weekend, here's the latest episode of Til Talks which covers Xbox One disc drive issues and Twitch streaming on consoles.

I've also started a new playlist if you're new to the channel that highlights select moments from previous videos so you get the best moments without having to watch long videos. More clips will be added to this playlist over time. Click here to watch the Quick Highlights playlist!

So far, it's looking like there likely won't be an episode of Til Talks this week which is in part due to a lack of major news I've found (unless something comes up), and scheduling issues for me. I do have the second episode of the Killing Floor Let's Play ready but, to be honest, I'm waiting for YouTube to approve the video for AdSense. If you don't know what that is, it basically allows me to put ads on my videos so I can monetize them for videos I get rights from the developer or publisher to use. Sometimes videos get stuck in review and YouTube support doesn't want to be any help so I have to wait it out. I might go into it more in a future post if anyone is interested in how it works. I might also set up a page specifically for my experience in getting approval from certain game companies regarding monetization on YouTube in case anyone finds it helpful.

Right now I'm editing some Grand Theft Auto V Let's Plays and solo videos that might show up soon on the channel so make sure you subscribe and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more updates!