Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let's Play GTA V Online (Episode 1)

So you may have noticed there's still no second Killing Floor episode. That's because it's still pending approval for monetization (you can read more about this in the handy new list I made, which can also be found at the bottom of this site!). That's alright, though, because instead I have a new Let's Play for Grand Theft Auto V Online. This is my first real foray into the GTA games. I've played a little bit of San Andreas on the PS2 but never really got into the games. After realizing what you can do in the multiplayer of GTA IV, I suddenly got more interested in the games so I picked up the latest one and jumped into an online game with my brother. We actually had a lot of issues playing online together, most of which has been cut from the videos. There are more videos to come from our session, but we will likely play this game again with others.